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Аннотация: This paper explores historical developmental stages, rationales for the existence, and characteristics of Vietnam’s state monopolies as legal structures. It contributes to the explanation why competition policy concerns arising from the existence of state monopolies in Vietnam are long-lasting issues and thus hopes to enrich the source of knowledge about the formation and work of state monopolies in transitional economies. It is concluded that Vietnam’s state monopolies have strongly been influenced by political thinking and determined by its socio-economic context and the assertion of “leading role of state economy” concept.

Автор: Tran Thang Long


DOI: 10.17803/2313-5395.2017.2.8.361-387

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Аннотация: The article is an attempt at examining the legal and ethical issues with regard to the new research and technological development.In view of the fact that there are various new relations that are based upon the development of modern technological research in recent decades, there is a necessity of legal regulations in order to ensure the compliance with certain ethical and legal principles. Since science and business are continuously evolving, some reasons, challenges and dangers of the Fourth Industrial Revolution have been scrutinized. The factors facing this phenomenon and its influence on various levels, namely law and ethics, are thoroughly analyzed. Due to the new research and technology development there appear to be diverse dynamics and fundamental changes that are a serious challenge for the existing legal and ethical frameworks.

Автор: Anna Hristova , Gergana Georgieva


DOI: 10.17803/2313-5395.2017.2.8.388-397

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